03.    Roon Feature Development

As a product designer at Roon, I've been deeply involved in shaping a feature-rich platform for complex health conditions. Our process involved collaboration, user interviews, and metrics evaluation, often leading to pivots.

Our primary goal was to create a compassionate and educational tool. We started with 'Sub-4-Minute Video Responses' and 'Multidimensional Perspectives' to provide quick, well-rounded insights.

The app's organized layout streamlined navigation. Upcoming features like the 'Care Circle' aimed to encourage collaborative care.

'Expert Profiles' and regular updates from global medical experts ensured trust and dynamic content. 'Direct Questions to Experts' promoted active participation.

'Saving Videos for Reference' personalized education.

Roon aimed to become the largest health-related Q&A repository, empowering users through knowledge and informed dialogue with healthcare providers.

In summary, our feature set evolved through collaboration, user-centric design, and commitment to an empathic healthcare platform. For a deeper dive, I'm eager to provide an in-person case study on our approach and impact.

Based in Brooklyn, New York
From Turkey