01.    Roon Design System 

Over the past two years, I've dedicated myself to meticulously developing and maintaining Roon’s design system, drawing inspiration from Brad Frost's Atomic Design Framework. Within this framework, my focus has been on creating a user-friendly, responsive system that caters to the diverse needs of our audience, including those with accessibility requirements.One area where I've placed particular emphasis is typography, ensuring it aligns perfectly with our brand guidelines to maintain clarity and consistency.

Additionally, I've taken it upon myself to craft a set of custom icons that give our designs a unique and easily recognizable identity. To streamline our design workflow and improve efficiency, I've harnessed the capabilities of Figma, making use of features like Auto-Layout and Variants with accessibility in mind.
Our design system is a comprehensive collection, including a range of symbols, templates, and pages. I've made sure to incorporate a light mode option, not only for better visibility but also to enhance overall usability, catering to users with varying preferences and specific accessibility needs.

Recognizing the importance of reaching users across different platforms, I've designed our navigation and screen systems to be highly scalable, ensuring that our empathic design principles are consistently delivered to users, whether they're on iOS device, mobile Web, tablet Web or Desktop Web. 

Based in Brooklyn, New York
From Turkey