Head of Design 
2021 - 2024

Lead Designer
2016 - 2020

Visual Designer
frog Design
2014 - 2016

AIGA Mentor

Tech Crit Advisor at 
Cornell Tech


Interactive Coded & 3D Work
As a creative coder and front-end developer, I create interactive experiences. I also enjoy 3D modeling, combining technical skills with artistic creativity to develop immersive projects.

Maras Filter

ContextMaras is an Instagram filter that superimposes line drawings onto the user’s face when the selfie camera is activated. The challenge was to create an engaging and interactive filter that could stand out in Instagram's vast Effects gallery.

SolutionThe filter comprises five line sketches overlaid on the user’s face when the camera is directed towards it. Tapping on the screen toggles between the different sketches while opening the mouth causes the drawing to enlarge. A blur filter makes the user’s face appear smoother. Built using Facebook’s Spark AR, the Maras filter leverages my expertise in coding and interactive design to provide a playful and dynamic user experience.
ResultsThe Maras filter succeeded tremendously, ranking at the top of Instagram’s Effects gallery under the selfies category and garnering millions of uses. Users from all over the country created artworks in tribute to the filter, including makeup and illustration.

Perceivable Interface

ContextThe Perceivable Interface is a digital art project exploring human-technology interaction, inspired by Jacques Lacan’s concept of the mirror stageSolutionUsing a full-body 3D motion capture sensor, I captured dancers’ movements, which were then processed by customized software to create glitchy silhouettes on a large-scale projection. This project involved coding the motion capture processing and integrating multi-sensory elements such as stereo sound and lighting to create an immersive experience.

Verizon 5G Bus Experience

ContextI contributed to the creation of a coded animation for an immersive product design project. The goal was to visualize the future of 5G internet within a physical bus interior.

SolutionCollaborating with a team of technologists and product designers, I developed animations that brought the potential of 5G to life. This project showcased my ability to integrate coding with physical environments to create a holistic and immersive experience.

Clientfrog Design for Verizon 

Easy Man

ContextAn Easy Man was part of the first edition of Accessible Objects, an online platform for showcasing the works of independent emerging creators.
SolutionA virtual sculpture created using 3D modeling software.

View the object here. Learn more about the project here.

TouchTunes Jukebox Music Visualization

ContextThe TouchTunes Jukebox Music Visualizer project aimed to enhance the user experience by providing a visually captivating interaction that synchronized with the music being played.SolutionLeveraging my design and coding skills, I created an immersive visual experience that dynamically responded to the rhythm and mood of the music. The visualizer incorporated various graphic elements, effects, and animations that enhanced user engagement.

Clientfrog Design


ContextAlike is a wearable device project where I undertook a multi-faceted role, handling interface design, user experience mapping, technology coding, 3D printing, and soldering tech components.
SolutionI meticulously crafted the interface to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience while simultaneously coding the underlying technology to bring the device's functionalities to life. The project culminated in creating informative infographics to demonstrate the device's capabilities.

ClientMarcelo Coelho Studios

Parallax Cantine

ContextInteractive 3D logo design for a culinary experience in Lausanne.