Head of Design 
2021 - 2024

Lead Designer
2016 - 2020

Visual Designer
frog Design
2014 - 2016

AIGA Mentor

Tech Crit Advisor at 
Cornell Tech



ChallengeThe challenge was to create a sustainable fashion brand that blends traditional Turkish craftsmanship with modern technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI). The goal was to honor the rich cultural heritage of Turkish patterns while innovating the design process through AI.

AudienceDesen's target audience includes fashion enthusiasts who appreciate sustainable and unique designs, as well as those interested in the mix of traditional craftsmanship and new technology.

ContextDesen is rooted in our deep connection to Turkish culture, which is reflected in the brand name. 'Desen,' meaning 'pattern' in Turkish, signifies the intricate and beautiful patterns that inspire our designs. Our aim was to incorporate the rich colors and geometric shapes of Turkish visual history into modern fashion pieces.
SolutionWe co-founded Desen as a family business to explore the intersection of tradition and technology. By utilizing AI, we generate infinite patterns and designs, ensuring each creation is uniquely Desen. Our designs are inspired by the timeless allure of Turkish craftsmanship, Bauhaus design language, and Turkish visual history. This blend allows us to create unique, crocheted fashion pieces that pay homage to the past while embracing future possibilities.

ResultSince our launch, Desen has gained significant attention in the Turkish design community. In 2023, Turkish GQ magazine featured the brand in a special photoshoot, highlighting our innovative approach and unique designs. We are currently preparing a collection to be sold at Sabah Dealer's Soho and Amagansett stores. This recognition and expansion reflect our successful blend of tradition and innovation, resonating with both the design community and fashion enthusiasts. 

Year2022 - Current

CollaboratorsHazal Maras
Nazan Maras

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