10.   Desen

Desen is a sustainable fashion brand that I co-founded in 2020. It's an exploration of the intersection between tradition and technology. Our family business aims to blend the timeless allure of Turkish craftsmanship, Bauhaus design language, and Turkish visual history with the cutting-edge power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Desen's essence is rooted in our strong relationship with the Turkish culture, which is reflected in the name we chose for our brand. 'Desen' means 'pattern' in Turkish, and our designs are inspired by the complex and beautiful patterns found throughout Turkey. We incorporate the rich colors and shapes of geometric patterns into our designs, creating unique pieces.

We incorporate AI into our design process to generate infinite patterns and designs, ensuring that each creation is uniquely Desen. By combining tradition with technology, we aim to perfect the intricate world of crochet and revolutionize crocheted fashion. Our goal is to pay homage to the past while exploring the possibilities of the future.

At Desen, we are committed to promoting sustainability and empowering local women artisans in Turkey. Our collection comprises carefully crafted pieces made by skilled artisans who have mastered age-old techniques, and we take pride in supporting these sustainable creative businesses. As advocates of slow fashion, we ensure that every order is delivered with care and intention, minimizing waste and encouraging responsible consumption.

Desen draws inspiration from both the Bauhaus movement and Turkish visual culture. Our designs are not just functional; they also tell a story that resonates with those who appreciate the fusion of tradition and nostalgia.

Based in Brooklyn, New York
From Turkey