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Roon Doctor Creator Tool

WhatHelp doctors effortlessly share their expertise in the quickest way possible.

mass general meril

  • Top of her field
  • Time-famished
  • Wants to scale impact
  • Believes social media is too taxing
  • Motivation: Wants to share her expertise to help a broader audience without the time investment of social media.

already famous alex

  • Grown her brand online through Instagram and TikTok
  • Willing to switch/join another platform if it helps her build her brand
  • Motivation: Sees Roon as an opportunity to expand her audience and reinforce her brand authority.

stupendeous stan

  • Early career
  • Loves teaching
  • No online presence
  • Wants to build his brand and expertise
  • Motivation: Sees Roon as a platform to establish his presence and share his knowledge to gain recognition among patients and peers.

Referring Phil
  • Not interested in sharing expertise online
  • Dedicated to patient care
  • Wants to ensure patients get quality care outside the clinic
  • Shares useful resources for patient support between appointments
  • Motivation: Uses Roon to ensure continuous patient care and provide resources for patient empowerment.

Open Questions

  • What kind of tool would allow doctors to record on their own time?
  • How simple does a tool need to be for non-technical users to record videos easily?
  • Are doctors comfortable with recording videos?
  • What alternative formats, such as text or audio, do doctors prefer?
  • How important is peer feedback to doctors?
  • Would doctors prefer to be assigned content due to time constraints?
  • Do doctors want to browse existing content to see what else they can answer?
  • How proud are doctors to share their profiles with patients and peers?
  • Would adding more questions to their profile motivate doctors to answer more?
  • Is extending their reach a key motivation for doctors?

    User Feedback & Metrics

    • Doctors answer an average of 20 questions per 1-hour session.
    • During recording sessions, only 1-2 questions typically require double takes, indicating high confidence and efficiency in responses.
    • 80% of our doctors return for another session, showing strong engagement and satisfaction.
    • Only 10% of doctors share their profiles, suggesting a need to encourage more profile sharing for greater visibility and connection.
    • Only 4% of the doctors record their own video, and upload videos to our system.
    • We’ve heard feedback from doctors around wanting to record in their own time, but only if there is a tool easy to use.

    Problems to Solve 

    Product Issues

    • Experts struggle to find time for answering questions.
    • Need an efficient way to share knowledge without viewing others' responses.
    • Want well-informed patient questions and a reliable referral resource.
    • Aim to reach a broader audience and gain recognition without heavy social media use.
    • Enjoy interaction with interviewers and addressing knowledge gaps.
    • Need a user-friendly solution for recording answers.
    • Roon’s Q&A process is too time-consuming, limiting content scalability.

    Usability Issues
    • Riverside's interface is cumbersome and inefficient, leading to multiple re-recordings for satisfactory results.


    Double the number of questions recorded
    As measured by the increase in the number of questions recorded by doctors.

    Conduct 80% of existing interviews on the app
    As measured by new content and their creation paths. 

    Increase the number of experts onboarded by 40%

    As measured by onboarding completion rates.
    Increase unique profile shares from doctors by 20% 
    As measured by the share icon usage in doctor profiles to measure engagement.

    Research Synthesis
    • Fine tuned Chat GPT with our question and answer library transcripts, and created a prompt that ensures all the answers are generated only from Roon’s medically vetted database.
    • Created an interface that allows users to ask a question to Roon and get answers with sources to our proprietary medically vetted video content
    • Added an entry point from home
    • Added an entry point from search
    • Positive feedback and knowing the impact of their answers are motivating.
    • Motivated by helping others and making an impact.
    • Interest in seeing and engaging with questions from the community.
    • Doctors like being interviewed, makes them feel social, keeps them accountable.
    • Preferences for flexible or scheduled recording sessions.
    • Concerns about time constraints and preferring less frequent recordings.
    • Interest in having a comprehensive profile that includes various aspects of their work and philosophy of care. 
    • Desire to update and maintain profiles more easily.
    • Mixed feelings about endorsements; some find them motivating, others do not see the value or find them negative.
    • Interested in creating curated lists of questions or answers.
    • Importance of an easy and accessible process for recording and uploading content.
    • Preference for a user-friendly platform and tools to simplify content creation.

    Enable seamless session scheduling with notifications, curated questions, and in-app recording, streamlining expert responses and expanding the question database.
    • Added an entry point from home
    • Added an entry point from search
    • Created a flow that allows experts to schedule a session
    • When it’s time for the session, experts get a notification
    • Tapping notification opens the app, with curated questions that are assigned specifically to expert’s background are shown in a stack
    • Experts can skip or hit answer to record a video or audio answer
    • Once session is complete, experts can leave the app or schedule a next session. 

      User Problem
      There is a need for a more efficient and user-friendly solution that enables doctors to easily and independently record their answers to medical questions.

      User Problem
      Roon’s current process of scheduling and conducting moderated Q&A sessions is time-consuming and resource-intensive.

      User Problem
      Physicians may not be able to participate in full-hour Q&A sessions due to clinic hours and patient consultations, but they can sometimes answer a few questions.

      User Problem
      The current system limits our ability to scale the database of high-quality medical content across various conditions, and fill knowledge gaps.

      User Problem
      There is a need for a more efficient and user-friendly solution that enables doctors to easily and independently record their answers to medical questions.

      User Problem
      There is a need for a more efficient and user-friendly solution that enables doctors to easily and independently record their answers to medical questions.

      Impacts & ResultsThe expert app is being built expected to go live in September.

      But early user research has already validated some assumptions and designs.

      “If it was easier to jump in and out, that would be great”  

      “If there were questions that were not answered, would feel the onus to answer”

      “Would be motivated to see quick comments from patients like I’ve always wondered this, I had an a-ha moment, this is helpful”

      “One-hour sessions are fine now but will be too long when she returns to practice; maybe a 15-minute compensated session”

      “Time management is challenging, I prefer casual, on-the-go recording options”

      Lessons Learned
      • The creator tool becomes easier to use with advanced development; better technology makes it more preferable.
      • Video and audio recording tools are more widely adopted by non-creators if they are easy to use.
      • Preferences for audio and video tools vary based on the user's persona.
      • The key to onboarding top-tier experts is designing the tool to help them expand their reach and make an impact by helping others, rather than appealing to vanity or social factors.


      ChallengeRoon is a two-sided platform where doctors create content and patients/caregivers consume it. We wanted to create a tool to scale our doctor creation process. The challenge was to develop a user-friendly tool that would fit seamlessly into the busy schedules of doctors, who often have limited tech knowledge and little time to learn new tools.

      AudienceOur users are doctors who are leaders in their fields, often with limited tech knowledge. These doctors are typically very busy, already triple-booked, and have little interest in learning new tools or engaging with social media or vanity tools.

      ContextDoctors are frequently on the go, so a mobile solution made the most sense—something they could use to record content between meetings or while waiting in a car. Through many research sessions, we learned that doctors are primarily motivated by the desire to give back to the community and to scale their reach.
      SolutionI designed a tool that allows for three modes of content creation: text, audio, and video. Additionally, I conceptualized a way to view all three content forms in the same view.
      ResultsThe feature is still in the process of being built, but early user research on the prototype has validated some key assumptions. Doctors expressed a preference for having a tool that is as easy to use as possible, offering the ability to create content in text, audio, and video formats, depending on the context and their location. 

      Year2022 - In Progress  
      View Full Case Study Here