01.    Roon Design System 

Over the past two years, I've dedicated myself to meticulously developing and maintaining Roon’s design system, drawing inspiration from Brad Frost's Atomic Design Framework. Within this framework, my focus has been on creating a user-friendly, responsive system that caters to the diverse needs of our audience, including those with accessibility requirements.One area where I've placed particular emphasis is typography, ensuring it aligns perfectly with our brand guidelines to maintain clarity and consistency.

Additionally, I've taken it upon myself to craft a set of custom icons that give our designs a unique and easily recognizable identity. To streamline our design workflow and improve efficiency, I've harnessed the capabilities of Figma, making use of features like Auto-Layout and Variants with accessibility in mind.
Our design system is a comprehensive collection, including a range of symbols, templates, and pages. I've made sure to incorporate a light mode option, not only for better visibility but also to enhance overall usability, catering to users with varying preferences and specific accessibility needs.

Recognizing the importance of reaching users across different platforms, I've designed our navigation and screen systems to be highly scalable, ensuring that our empathic design principles are consistently delivered to users, whether they're on iOS device, mobile Web, tablet Web or Desktop Web. 

02.    Roon Illustration & Animation System

Roon's illustration and animation system is a testament to our empathic design philosophy. I've guided this system using principles like "playful," "empathetic," "soft," and "non-triggering." Our illustrations are carefully crafted to communicate friendliness, understanding, and gentleness, all while being considerate of sensitive content. These visuals are not only visually appealing but also ensure a comforting experience for our users.

Complementing our illustration system, our animations are designed with a focus on being medically non-triggering, soothing, and straightforward. We recognize the significance of creating a serene and reassuring environment, particularly for those who are navigating challenging health conditions.
Together, our illustration and animation systems contribute a unique layer of empathy and support to Roon's platform. They create a visually engaging and emotionally resonant space where users can find solace and connection during their healthcare journeys.

03.    Roon Feature Development

As a product designer at Roon, I've been deeply involved in shaping a feature-rich platform for complex health conditions. Our process involved collaboration, user interviews, and metrics evaluation, often leading to pivots.

Our primary goal was to create a compassionate and educational tool. We started with 'Sub-4-Minute Video Responses' and 'Multidimensional Perspectives' to provide quick, well-rounded insights.

The app's organized layout streamlined navigation. Upcoming features like the 'Care Circle' aimed to encourage collaborative care.

'Expert Profiles' and regular updates from global medical experts ensured trust and dynamic content. 'Direct Questions to Experts' promoted active participation.

'Saving Videos for Reference' personalized education.

Roon aimed to become the largest health-related Q&A repository, empowering users through knowledge and informed dialogue with healthcare providers.

In summary, our feature set evolved through collaboration, user-centric design, and commitment to an empathic healthcare platform. For a deeper dive, I'm eager to provide an in-person case study on our approach and impact.

04.    Roon Information Design

As a designer at Roon, I had the opportunity to contribute to our marketing design efforts, with a focus on empathy and accessibility.

My role went beyond our core platform, where I was already involved in Interface Design, Interaction Design, Experience Design, Branding, and Illustration. In the marketing realm, I applied these skills to emphasize our message of providing support and reliable healthcare information.

I played a key role in creating visually appealing and informative materials tailored to our audience. This included brochures, infographics, pitches, decks, digital campaigns, and social media visuals. My goal was to ensure that our marketing materials were not only visually pleasing but also conveyed information clearly and in an easily understandable manner.
In addition to my role in marketing design at Roon, I took on another significant responsibility - leveraging AI technology to enhance every headshot for our team of dedicated doctors. This innovative approach aimed to create a consistent and professional look across all profiles while saving valuable time for our healthcare professionals. The AI-driven editing process ensured that each headshot was well-lit, properly framed, and presented in a cohesive style. By automating this aspect of our marketing efforts, we not only improved the visual appeal of our profiles but also allowed our doctors to focus more on providing empathetic care and support to our community.

05.    Verizon Design System

I was one of the few designers who were initially tasked with the monumental responsibility of creating the Verizon Design System. What began as a small team effort soon evolved into a collaborative engagement involving multiple agencies and hundreds of designers. Together, we worked diligently to define and implement consistent design principles, guidelines, and reusable components that have since revolutionized the way web and app applications are designed at Verizon.

One of the projects for design system included, expanding Verizon Data Visualization design language.

06.    Verizon Data Visualization Language

One of the projects for design system included, expanding Verizon Data Visualization design language.

07.    My Verizon App Homepage Redesign

Contributed to the redesign of My Verizon App’s homepage.

08.    Verizon Chat Bot

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Verizon Chat bot team for a brief project. During my time with the team, which spanned a couple of weeks, I worked on creating visual concepts for the Verizon chat bot. My role involved pitching various visual directions as concepts, contributing to the team's efforts to enhance the user experience and visual appeal of the chat bot interface.

Based in Brooklyn, New York
From Turkey