Roon AI Co-Pilot

Roon AI Co-Pilot enables users to search any question and get a summarized answer, complete with sources and related questions. 

Roon AI Co-Pilot is the best tool out there for those to ask their Dementia, ALS, GBM related questions and get answers.

Download Roon on app store and search a question use Roon AI Co-Pilot for free today.

Roon Design System for Video Question and Answers 

Roon’s design system is based on Brad Frost's Atomic Design Framework. 

It’s a a user-friendly and responsive system that accommodates diverse audience needs, including accessibility requirements. Key highlights of the design system include custom icons, accessible color and type systems, Figma’s auto-layout, and variant compatibility. 

It encompasses a comprehensive collection of symbols, templates, and pages, with a light mode option for better visibility and usability, catering to users with different preferences and accessibility needs. 

The system is scalable across various platforms, such as iOS, mobile and desktop web, utilizing Figma’s auto-layout capability.

Roon Illustration & Animation System

Roon's illustration and animation system reflects our empathic design philosophy. Guided by principles like "playful," "empathetic," "soft," and "non-triggering," these visuals communicate friendliness, understanding, and gentleness while considering sensitive content. They ensure a comforting experience for our users. Our animations are medically non-triggering, soothing, and straightforward, creating a serene and reassuring environment, especially for those navigating challenging health conditions. Together, they contribute empathy and support to Roon's platform, providing visually engaging and emotionally resonant experiences for users during their healthcare journeys.

Roon Feature Development

As the founding product designer at Roon, I've helped shape a platform for complex health conditions through collaboration, user interviews, and metrics evaluation. We focused on creating a compassionate video-based educational tool, incorporating features like 'Sub-4-Minute Video Responses' and 'Multidimensional Perspectives'.

The tool also has a catalogue management capabilities for all of its video content. AI chat bot, expert profiles, collaboration and creation tools are other part of the product we’ve worked on.

Roon's goal is to be the largest health-related Q&A repository, empowering users through knowledge.

For further details, I'm available to provide an in-person case study on our approach and impact.

Roon Information Design

As head of design at Roon, I also oversaw marketing design efforts, extending my role beyond core platform responsibilities and product design. Utilizing skills in interface, interaction, experience design, branding, and illustration, I emphasized our message of support and reliable healthcare information. I created visually appealing and informative materials tailored to our audience, including brochures, infographics, pitches, decks, digital campaigns, and social media visuals. Additionally, I leveraged AI technology to enhance headshots for our team of doctors, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance while saving time for healthcare professionals.

Verizon Design System

I was part of the core team responsible for creating the Verizon Design System. Initially, it was a small team effort that grew into a collaborative project involving multiple agencies and hundreds of designers. Our goal was to establish consistent design principles, guidelines, and reusable components that transformed the way web and app applications are designed at Verizon.

Verizon Data Visualization Language

One of the projects for Verizon design system included, expanding Verizon Data Visualization design language.

My Verizon App Homepage Redesign

Contributed to the redesign of My Verizon App’s homepage.

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